Composite (white fillings) is a very common dental filling material used to replace lost tooth structure.  It is frequently used preventatively to help where demineralized tooth structure has started the decay process but has not affected the tooth structure below the hard enamel surface.  These restorations are commonly called preventive resin restorations or PRR’s.  These preventive restorations can actually stop the progression of dental decay and prevent future progression of the disease. 

Composite is also used in more tradition fillings in which mild to moderate amounts of decay have destroyed underlining tooth structure.  Composite fillings are bonded restorations.  “Bonded” means that we can use complex coupling agents and adhere to the underlining tooth structure.   Lastly, composite materials can be used to replace moderate to severe tooth destruction and can act as the foundation for the future placement of crown restorations.

Composite is available is an array of colors that match the color of the underlining tooth structure.  Teeth restored with composite can look just like real teeth!